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Presentations from 2006

November, 2006 Introducing Service Broker in SQL Server 2005
Speaker: Chad Boyd of Microsoft
Service Broker is a new queuing and messaging technology available with Sql Server 2005. Service Broker can help database developers build secure, asynchronous, reliable, loosely-coupled, scalable applications without requiring complex and expensive add-on software or additional hardware. Because Service Broker is part of the Database Engine, administration of these applications is part of the routine administrative of the database.

Find out how the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Broker makes it easier than ever for you to build reliable, scalable, asynchronous, queued database applications. When combined with the common language runtime and XML features, SQL Server 2005 provides a great platform for building the next generation of business applications. This presentation will attempt to highlight the major features of the Service Broker, including queues as database objects, data integrity for queued messages, activation of processing logic triggered by message arrival, and reliable, transactional delivery of messages between SQL Server instances. We also look at scenarios for Service Broker applications.
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Meeting Sponsor: Red Gate Software Red Gate Software focuses on developing ingeniously simple tools for Developers and DBAs working with Microsoft technologies. We make tools that radically simplify the business of working with SQL Server. Our tools have become industry standard for:
1. Comparing, synchronizing, packaging, backing up and recovering SQL Server databases
2. Code profiling and load testing using .NET applications

October, 2006 SQL Server 2005
Speaker: David Swanson of Quest

The presentation will cover new features in SQL Server 2005 Security and will cover the following topics at a mid to high level:

Off by Default, Surface Area Configuration, Encryption, Authentication, Granular Permissions, User and Schema Separation, Impersonation, and DDL Triggers

Meeting Sponsor: Quest Software
September, 2006 SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) Best Practices
Speaker: Ray Barley of RDA Corporation

This presentation will highlight SSIS best practices by focusing on two common uses of SSIS in data warehousing projects:
  • Loading a dimension table with both Type 1 and Type 2 slowly changing dimension processing
  • Loading a fact table
Best Practices for the following SSIS features will be discussed and demonstrated:
  • Package Configuration using Environment Variables, SQL Server and Parent Package Variables
  • Master Packages
  • Template Packages
  • Custom Data Transformation Components
  • Checkpoints
  • Batch Processing
  • Surrogate Key Lookup and Substitution
  • Inferred Member Processing
  • Custom Package Logging
  • Using XML-type Parameters to Retrieve Fact or Dimension Rows by Natural Key

Meeting Sponsors: RDA Corporation
August, 2006 Advanced XQuery
Speaker: Hal Hayes of TMA Resources

Join Hal Hayes for an advanced session where he will provide soup to nuts information on XQuery. Check out a complex demo for building Topic Maps of knowledge. This requires advanced XQuery techniques available in SQL Server. This is a must see session that will radically improve your XQuery opportunities!

Meeting Sponsors: SQL Server Worldwide Users Group
July, 2006 Pair Programming
Speaker: Jonathon Cogley of Thycotic

Imagine working the code while constantly rethinking the grand scheme of the design in your head. Imagine catching your typos first time, every time. Imagine finding bugs twice as fast and having a good conversation about how to approach finding them. Imagine learning new techniques, ideas and strategies while working on your code everyday. If you already achieve all of these things on your own then skip the user group and go straight to a psychologist! If not, then come along to learn why Pair Programming is fun, productive and a tremendous improvement to the otherwise black art of lone gun programming.

Meeting Sponsors: Thycotic Software
June, 2006 Cancelled due to inclement weather
May, 2006 Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2005
Speaker: Greg Robidoux of Edgewood Solutions

Database mirroring is a new feature in SQL Server 2005 that allows you to transfer transaction log records directly from one server to another and also to quickly fail over to the standby server. There are several options in the marketplace, but this is the first offering built into SQL Server. We will take a look at what database mirroring provides, compare it to other options that are available in SQL Server and go through a basic setup of this new feature.

Meeting Sponsors: Edgewood Solutions
April, 2006 Best Practices for Securing and Auditing SQL Server 2005
Speaker: Jeremy Gaige of Idera

With regard to auditing and monitoring access to SQL Server, regulatory compliance is on everybody's mind. We'll show you how you can use scripts and native tools to get a handle on who is accessing your system and what they are up to; to define and document controls including: Service Packs, Baseline Analysis, Authentication and Passwords, Backup and Recovery, Services, Ports, File System, Delete or Secure Setup Files, Stored Procedures, Audit Logons, Advanced Auditing How to prove you are adhering to internal or external controls Finally, we will demonstrate a product from Idera that will automate many of the tasks we've discussed. This will include Idera SQL compliance manager, Idera's newest solution for monitoring user activity to ensure compliance with external regulations, internal controls and internal auditing requirements.
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Meeting Sponsors: Idera
March, 2006 Beginning SSIS Development
Speaker: Andy Leonard of V Team System

This session will cover the following items:
  • Introduction to the new SSIS Integrated Development Environment
  • Control Flow and Data Flow discussion
  • An overview of controls, connections, and package flow
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • An advanced demonstration (or two, depending on time)

Meeting Sponsors: Idera
February, 2006 SQL Server 2005 and Reporting Services
Speaker: Perry Thompson of Microsoft Corporation

It has been 100 days since the release of SQL Server 2005. What has gone well? What needs improvement and what we are doing about it? A talk on how SQL Server 2005 is being adopted and implemented; a major emphasis on lessons learned since RTM. In addition, implementing Reporting Services inside any .Net application. Finally, we will get a tour of the Microsoft Training Center in Reston, VA from Jim Dugan of Microsoft.

Meeting Sponsors: Lumigent Technologies
January, 2006 Design Reports in Microsoft Office and Deliver Using SQL Server Reporting Services
Speaker: of Soft Artisans

In this presentation, you will see how to use Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) to design reports that are delivered using SQL Server Reporting Services. Microsoft Excel and Word become your Reporting Services design tools through the use of a simple Microsoft Office add-in created by SoftArtisans. In a series of quick demos, you'll see how your knowledge of Microsoft Office can be utilized to create powerful, centralized, easy-to-deploy reports that preserve every Excel and Word feature. Then discover how to use Reporting Services Report Manager to retrieve reports (configured in Visual Studio .NET) from Reporting Services servers and how easy it is to add Excel and Word to those existing RDL files.
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Meeting Sponsors: Soft Artisans