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Presentations from 2007

February, 2007 Business Intelligence: Building a true Enterprise Data Warehouse from the ground up
Speaker: Mohamed Elansary of Corporate Executive Board
We will review the Enterprise Data Warehouse project at Corporate Executive Board and how it utilized SQL Server 2005 database engine and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). The architecture was designed from the ground up to provide a scalable platform that can meet aggressive business needs in an organizations that is growingly rapidly. We will discuss the decision to utilize a scale up 64 bit architecture for the EDW. This project was completed on May 31st, 2006 and was an early adopter of SQL Server 2005. It has now grown to include 5 separate data sources all integrated using Ralph Kimball's dimensional modeling techniques. Find out some valuable lessons learned from this project around architecture, data modeling, and using SQL Server 2005 to build a relational data warehouse.

Relational: Introducing Service Broker in SQL Server 2005 - Part II
Speaker: Chad Boyd of Microsoft Corporation
Service Broker is a new queuing and messaging technology available with Sql Server 2005. Service Broker can help database developers build secure, asynchronous, reliable, loosely-coupled, scalable applications without requiring complex and expensive add-on software or additional hardware. Because Service Broker is part of the Database Engine, administration of these applications is part of the routine administrative of the database.

Find out how the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Broker makes it easier than ever for you to build reliable, scalable, asynchronous, queued database applications. When combined with the common language runtime and XML features, SQL Server 2005 provides a great platform for building the next generation of business applications. This presentation will attempt to highlight the major features of the Service Broker, including queues as database objects, data integrity for queued messages, activation of processing logic triggered by message arrival, and reliable, transactional delivery of messages between SQL Server instances. We also look at scenarios for Service Broker applications.

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January, 2007 Business Intelligence: Introduction to Business Intelligence
Speaker: Scott Zimmerman of Microsoft Corporation
This one hour session will discuss fundamentals of business intelligence, including dimensional modeling, ETL, cube processing, and reporting. We'll explain how key terminology comes up in actual tasks in typical BI development projects and provide links to resources that can assist with certification training. Following the slide deck and questions, we'll attempt to demo a contrived BI project from scratch in under 20 minutes. The talk is oriented toward developers and business users new to BI.
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Relational: Top 10 Performance Monitoring Tips for SQL Server 2005
Speaker: Jeremy Gaige of Idera
In depth analysis of the top 10 performance tips for SQL Server including SQL 2005. We will explore best approaches for monitoring and obtaining information from SQL Server and considering hardware, benchmarking, approaches to collection of statistics, using the Index Tuning Wizard and the Database Engine Tuning Advisor, identifying Poor performing code, and analyzing SQL Server jobs.

Meeting Sponsors: Idera and Solid Quality Learning