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April 28, 2008 Main Session: AJ Mee | Microsoft | Business Intelligence Platform Benefits of SQL Server 2008 Short Takes Session: Leda E. Behseresht | AMTOTE | Working with tempdb in SQL Server 2005 Sponsors: Solid Quality Learning | Symphic
May 19, 2008 Main Session: SQL Server Reporting Services for DBA’s Short Takes Session: Replay a SQL Server 2005 Profiler Session Sponsors: Quest
June 23, 2008 Main Session: Rajib Bahar | DBPro Then and Now Short Takes Session: Sentrigo | Sentrigo | Presenting a new angle on a popular attack vector on databases: SQL Injection. Sponsors: Sentrigo | Symphic
July 28, 2008 Main Session: Andy Leonard | Incremental Loads in SSIS 2008 using Change Data Capture Short Takes Session: To Be Determined Sponsors: Sentrigo | Symphic
August 25, 2008 Main Session: H. Mark Hudson | An Introduction to Analysis Services 2005 - Download Presentation Short Takes Session: To Be Determined Sponsors: Gratis Internet |
September 22, 2008 Main Session: SQL Server 2008 Launch | James Rotan and Jeremy Kadlec Short Takes Session: Geoff Snowman | Geographic Data in SQL Server 2008 Sponsors: Idera | TBD
October 27, 2008 Main Session: Andrew Duthie | Geocoding, RSS, and Mapping, oh my! Short Takes Session: Jeremy Kadlec | SQL Server Dynamic Management Views and Functions Sponsors: Edgewood Solutions |
November 24, 2008 Main Session: Jonathan Cogley | Thycotic | Test Driven Development with C# and Mocks Short Takes Session: Jim Rotan | Symantec | SQLPASS 2008 an Overview Sponsors: Symphic |
December 15, 2008 Main Session: Jim Duggan | Microsoft | TBD (Meeting at Microsoft Tech Center in Reston, VA) Short Takes Session: To Be Determined Sponsors: Symphic |