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Presentations from 2009

  • November 2009 - "Setting up  SQL 2008 Peer to Peer Replication from Basic to Tips and Tricks" by Kun Sik Lee; "An introduction to Microsoft's SQL Azure Database" by Nino Bice(SQL Azure Program Manager at Microsoft)
  • August 2009 - "Virtualized SAN Technologies Application level snapshots for SQL and Exchange, Lucid8 Exchange recovery tools and demo, Hyper-V and VMware Snapshots" by Heidi Pius(Dell); "SQL Azure" by Hal Hayes(Sentrigo)
  • July 2009 - "Geographic Information Systems using SQL Server, SharePoint, Virtual Earth, and GeoAnalyzer" by Bob Harford (Buchanan & Edwards);"Presenting a new angle on a popular attack vector on databases: SQL Injection" by Todd P. DeSantis (Sentrigo)
  • June 2009  - "Database Development as part of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process", by Andy Leonard (SQL Server MVP );  "Troubleshoot production DB issue for specific problem by TSQL, Excel, Perfmon", by Kun Sik Lee
  • April 2009 - "Storage Performance on SQL Server" , by Joe Chang(Agilex Technologies)
  • March 2009 - "DTS to SSIS Conversion: What Are Your Options?" , by Mike Davis (PragmaticWorks)
  • February 2009 - "Doing More with Less: Free SQL Server Performance Tips and Tricks" , by Jason Hall (Quest Software)