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Presentations from 2013 SQL User Group Meetings


PowerBI and SQL 2014  - Jim Dugan

Monday, September 23, 2013 at 7:00 PM

PowerBI – what it is an why it will change the world (ok maybe a little to dramatic) but it is really cool and I will show some use cases. SQL 2014 -  What is coming?  Why should you care….


Jim currently works for a devices and services company which one of their products is SQL Server.  Jim has worked there for 16 or so years, using SQL Server the entire time.  Jim has been around SQL Server since it ran on OS/2.  Jim has been in IT for just about 30 years (I know he doesn’t look that old….) I grew up locally and currently reside in Arlington with my wife and 3 kids (14, 11 and 7.) 



 Database Schema Validation: The Truth and Consequences - Luiz Siqueira 


Monday, July 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM

This presentation will identify several database schema design issues that can and should be detected before taking any database into production. It will also introduce the concept of automated schema validation for every stage of a database’s lifecycle. If time permits, a demo of Database Examiner, a database schema validation tool, will be performed.


Luiz’s responsibilities as President and CTO of DBE Software, Inc. include product architecture and direction for Database Examiner. He is the technical liaison to the client base, both current and future. He has guided the product development since he co-founded DBE Software, Inc. in the mid ‘90s with his long time associate Paul Sterbutzel, Chairman of DBE Software.


Accelerate Database Performance Through Data Compression! - Joseph D'Antoni (MVP)

Monday,  June 24, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Much like the cars of the 1970s sacrificed gas mileage for better performance, database technology has also made its share of sacrifices for efficiency. Fortunately, times have changed significantly since then. Just as adding a turbocharger to a car delivers more power while saving fuel, the addition of compression to a database accelerates read performance while saving disk space.

Come learn how, why, and when compression is the solution to your database performance problems. This session will discuss the basics of how compression and deduplication reduce your data volume. We’ll review the three different types of compression in SQL Server 2012, including the overhead and benefits of each and the situations for which each is appropriate, and examine the special type of compression used for ColumnStore indexes to help your data warehouse queries fly. As with turbo, data compression also has drawbacks, which we’ll cover as well.


SSRS for Application developers: attendees choose topics! - Kevin S. Goff (MVP)

Matt VelicMonday,  May  20, 2013 at 7:00 PM

In this presentation, I'll show over a dozen different SSRS topics, and allow attendees to select which topics to cover. Everything from sparklines to heat maps, from Tablix-drilldown reports to advanced charts, from performance gauges to subreport/drilldown reports to new page/group control features in R2....and even topics like data-driven subscriptions, reports against OLAP cubes,  and deploying to SharePoint. Since no presentation can cover the creation of all these, I'll let the majority of the audience decide which to cover. 

Kevin S. Goff ( is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP,database architect/developer/speaker/author. He is also regular columnist for CoDe Magazine on .NET, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence topics. Frequent speaker at community events in the Mid-Atlantic region. Host of BDBI Radio (, a weekly webcast on SQL/BI topics


“Indexing” Encrypted Data with Hash Groups - Chris Bell (MCITP)

Matt VelicMonday,  Feb. 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM

As a SQL Server DBA I see my role having 2 main focuses. First is to protect the data and second is to ensure performance is maximized. More often than not companies forget about data security when they focus on performance tuning. In this presentation I will mention a few cases where encryption could have saved a lot of hassle. I will then demo a method that can be used to "index" commonly searched on encrypted values (ex: SSNs, Credit Card, etc) helping reduce the impact on the performance of a query. . . 

Chris Bell (MCITP) has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years and using SQL Server for over 18 of those years. He is currently the Owner and Lead consultant for WaterOx Consulting, a Maryland based company focused on helping companies that can’t afford or justify a full time data team, get the most from their SQL Server environments. For more information please visit WateroxConsulting.comt..


Build your own Virtual Lab Matt Velic(Sanametrix)

Matt VelicMonday,  Jan. 28, 2013 at 7:00 PM

If you don't have the chance to work on different kinds of projects, it may be tough to grow all the necessary skills to further your career. By building a virtual lab at home, you can take control of the situation. This session will focus on setting up a basic network environment using VirtualBox, free (downloadable) software, and your home computer. It's aimed towards individuals that aren't afraid to modify server settings or use the command line. This session is focused mainly on virtualization and networking topics, and not so much on SQL Server. However, you'll be in the position to tackle larger projects, such as SQL Server clustering or Availability Groups, once complete. 

Matt Velic is a Database Developer for Sanametrix, both living and working in Washington, DC. He enjoys learning about SQL Server (naturally), interacting with the community, and making sure that everyone has the resources available to succeed. Matt is a blogger, helped run communications and volunteers for SQLSaturday events in DC, and moderated the first day of Lightning Talks at the 2010 PASS Summit.