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Presentations from 2014 SQL User Group Meetings


SQL Server Baseline for Performance Diagnostics <Try to beat the “All Depends”>   -  Kun Sik Lee 

KLMonday, January 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM

As we all heard a lot about “All Depends” when it comes performance tuning, having baseline will help to reduce the situation and better justification/proof to recommending how you can address issue. Throughout this session, I will talk about what do you want to baseline when you get a brand new system to old system to use when there is performance problem. Some of the technique can be used to troubleshoot existing performance troubleshooting for many different area such as VM, Physical, SAN, DAS, Network, etc.

Also this baseline will help you to justify your diagnostics when you talk to system administrator, developer, network administrator or your manager as all will be based on numbers..


Kun is a DBA Manager for the CoStar Group in Washington, DC. Kun has many experience working with both On-Site DBAs as well as Offshore DBAs and loves learning and sharing about SQL Server. Kun is also a contributed author of ( He is very passionate about Performance Tuning, Database Architect and Data Warehousing.