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 created in 2015 Gameloft has just launched on iOS android an adventure game, Dragon Mania Legends is a dragon breeding and fighting game of Gameloft. A beautiful game with a ton of dragons to battle and recur, In this game you raise and train your own dragon army to take on a nauseating Viking threat. here are Dragon Mania Legends Gems Hack !

Attack the top dragon first.

Each time you go into battle, start attacking the dragon above: this is the last dragon to attack and you could just have enough power to take it completely out of it, thus winning an extra attack and having only two dragons damage the your. Really useful. 
Keep your farms growing food at all times.


Keep your production farms, build as much as you are licensed, and improve them if possible. No Matches on Tinder Cultivate food according to the way you play. If you check once a day, grow a lot of food for several hours. 
Max on habitats and dragons.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Tips and tricks.

No need to buy dragons.


Although you have to buy basic dragons elements (fire, water, wind, etc.), any dragon with two or more elements can be high. It could take Matches on tinder for solution some time, but perseverance pays off.